A Trip Down to Daegu: E-World Theme Park

If you have never seen cherry blossoms in your life before, be prepared to be in awe the moment they start to bloom. Fortunately for us, Spring is cherry blossom season here in South Korea and what more better way to check them out than seeing them from the top of the rides at E-World?

A fellow traveling facebook group (for military families stationed here in S. Korea) ‘Pyeongtaek Travelers’ and I (‘EXPLORE KOREA’ Group) have worked together into making the transportation for this trip as easy as possible. 30+ families were able to join us and the 3 hour bus ride from Pyeongtaek to E-world in Daegu was nothing but smooth.

Nonetheless, I’m excited to plan more group trips like this in the future.

The lights throughout the park turns on at around 5/6pm. Don’t worry they’ll do a countdown!

E-World Address: 200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Direction: Take KTX from Seoul Station to Dong-Daegu Station → Exit out of Dong-Daegu Station and take a subway to Hyeonchungno Station (Daegu Subway Line 1) → Hyeonchungno Station, Exit 4, take a Bus No. 503 to E-world Bus Stop (5 stops) 

For drivers: Tolls expected. There’s also plenty of parking space.

Event: Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 (March 23 to April 7) Fireworks and ceremony only on the 23rd. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the fireworks since we had to start heading home.

E-World Website: eworld.kr

Discounted Admission Tickets: Click here

Theme park dates are probably one of our favorite traditions as a couple. We’ve made it our little mission to check as many as we can that’s around our area and the 3 hour drive to E-World was definitely worth it.

I suggest starting from the very back of the park and walk your way back through as the day comes to an end. There’s a cable car station by the entrance on the right and it takes you to the 83 Tower. Be ready to snap pictures as the view from the top is breathtaking.

The cable car will take you to the tower and nearby are restaurants and the cherry blossoms themselves! We spent the day getting on the rides and reserved the night for taking pictures as we made our way back to the main entrance/ parking lot.

There’s so much photo-op around the area! The whole park is basically covered with lights and there’s always something to see wherever you look! Not one corner isn’t instagram-worthy.

Wasn’t able to take a group picture with everyone else in it. I’ll get it next time!


Money saving tip: I recommend booking the tickets 1 day prior online HERE. Prices at the booth are 39,000krw but here they’re only 23,500krw! Plus, you get to skip waiting in line. All you have to do is get your wristband by showing the confirmation email and you’re good to go. Note that only foreign nationals can book the discounted tickets.

Weather: Be sure to check the weather before you go! It poured a little when we went but we were able to plan around it and decided to grab an early dinner indoors. It got chilly by the time the sun was gone and we would’ve gotten on more rides if it wasn’t too cold! So wear something warm!

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