New York City (NYC): Adventures & Mistakes

Seeing New York City is probably in every traveler’s bucket list. From all the movies and TV shows that were filmed here, it’s a dream to step foot in it. Having visited NYC for about 3 short times now, I still haven’t seen all of it and I definitely plan on going back. Bad planning on my part. Guilty as charged. I’ve listed all the things we’ve done wrong in NYC so you don’t make the same mistakes as we did!


Mistake #1: Bringing a car. This is probably our biggest mistake since we had to pick people up from the airport and go from there. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your car when you’re planning on visiting NYC. Given that there are parking spots everywhere, the price/hour is not so cute. So is the traffic. Do not rely on the prices written on parking garages because chances are, the price they charge you is far from it. You pay once you get back and pick up your car. We’ve spent more than $75 for not even half the day. The time limit can also leave you hanging. We didn’t really get to explore farther since all we were thinking about was the time we had left before we get charged double. Plus not bringing a car means you don’t have to walk twice the amount back and forth to your car!

What to do instead: Learn how to take public transportation (buses, trains & subways). Hop on and off city tour buses are also really helpful.


Mistake #2: Not planning ahead. Before you go, look up places to see, book your tickets and hotels in advance and plan your day/s. Because of this, I missed out on seeing Central Park, Times Square and the Empire State Building. Which are probably the highlights of NYC.

What to do instead: If you’re planning your own trip, use websites like TripAdvisor to look for recommendations and reviews. Look up the location on the map and list the places (from closest to farthest or group them together if they’re close to each other) that you want to see. I suggest writing it down somewhere. Other alternatives are using tour buses/ agencies.


Don’t forget to get on the cruise to see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty! We got on the CitySightseeing New York . Ticket prices are not too bad and they also have tour buses that can take you around the city. It may be a little challenging doing all of the hopping on and off with a stroller if you have kids. Try not to carry around too many things!



Tip 1: 1 day may not be enough to see all of NYC. It’s tiring to do so. Since hotels in the city can be expensive, I recommend looking at Airbnb

Tip 2: Be prepared for a lot of walking! Wear comfortable shoes and always bring a change of clothes for later in the day if you’re planning on exploring all day.

Tip 3: If you’re planning on doing some shopping, I recommend doing it last or maybe on a separate day reserved just for it. It can get tiring carrying all those bags around!

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