A Touch of Greece in South Korea: Blue Crystal Village

If you’re currently looking for things to do or see that aren’t so far away from Pyeongtaek, I highly suggest Blue Crystal Village. A Mediterranean-themed village located in Asan which is about a short 30 minute drive.


Address: Blue Crystal Village / Asan Jijunghae Village.  (Click here to navigate with WAZE)

Admission Fees: Free!

Parking: There are free parking spaces available around the area. It can get a little packed during the weekends though. We went on a Saturday and it was full. The spaces are also tight (just like any other parking lots out here) if you’re someone with a bigger car.


There’s cafes, restaurants and stores throughout and aside from the village itself, you can also stroll around and find lots of things to do since its located downtown.

First things first, Daiso.

I highly suggest checking the weather before you go since the area isn’t covered and it would suck if it starts raining. We only spent about 2 hours here since it was kind of a last minute decision but aside from eating at the restaurants/cafes, that’s pretty much all the time you need. It’s not something to spend your whole day at so I recommend planning something else to do after checking this place out.

I definitely plan on coming back here to grab dinner since all the lights around the area are pretty at night.

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