A Nature Lover’s Haven: Pinnacle Land

Making it a new goal for us to visit new places every week, lately I have been focusing on seeing what’s out here in South Korea that are a lot closer to our place. If you ever find yourself visiting the country, please don’t limit yourself to Seoul alone.

If you’re like us who are in Pyeongtaek, it can be a little hard to find out what the area has to offer since it’s not as advertised compared to Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Luckily, I learned a little trick that shows me what’s nearby and which places are worth visiting.

If you’re on the lookout for Instagrammable places around and If you haven’t yet already visited the Mediterranean-themed village in Asan, click here.


Located in Asan-si, which is about a 30-minutes drive from Pyeongtaek is Pinnacle Land. I would say it’s a mix of a garden, zoo, and hiking area all in one. Very kid-friendly too. It’s one my favorite places so far and I would probably be back a hundred more times.


Address: Use Waze to drive to 피나클랜드, 아산시: https://waze.com/ul/hwyd3b29qq

Admission Fees: Click here. They offer military discount as well.

Parking: Free parking. Lots of space available.

img_3629 img_3820

We went on a Saturday and it wasn’t crowded at all. The weather was perfect as well and the flowers were in full bloom. I wish we were able to go during cherry blossom season though, I can only imagine how pretty it’d be.


There’s also a little food court area and food vendors throughout the park. I believe we saw a splash pad for kids as well but not too sure. We spent a good 2 hours or so but if you have kids, you’ll probably be spending a lot more. The garden itself can be a little steep for strollers though.

A little bonus lol I believe this is the highest point of the whole park overlooking Asan.

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