A Magical Day at Everland Korea

Spring season calls for more outdoor trips and activities here in South Korea. Sure summer is great and all but it can also get really humid, crowded and not to mention July to August is monsoon season which can really ruin outdoor plans.

A little tip, seasons play a huge role when it comes to festivals and attractions here in Korea so I’d plan ahead and do some research to make sure you don’t miss out on them. With this in mind, I’ve been planning on more trips to gardens, hikes and theme parks this season since everything else is in bloom and the weather is just right. Not to worry though in case Spring runs short on your plans since there’s just so much to see out here, Fall is just as pretty as Spring in its own way.

With that said, we decided to spend our weekend at Everland! South Korea’s largest theme park.

Must-do #1: Grab a Guide Map by the entrance


Address: 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do (Click here to navigate with WAZE)

Admission: I’ve compared all ticketing websites and Trazy still has the cheaper option (for foreign nationals only). Regular tickets are priced at 56,000 WON for adults and 44,000 WON for children and with Trazy, they’re discounted for only 35,000-37,000 WON. You also get to skip the entrance line since all you have to do is show the QR code from your email and you’re good to go! Click below to book tickets.img_2888

Parking: There are free parking spaces available but it can get too crowded and hard to come by. I recommend their valet service which is only about 15,000KRW and you pay when you pick your car up at the end of the day. Note: They take cards.

Must-do #2: You’ve never actually experienced Korea’s theme parks without these headbands.


Part of the theme park experience here in Korea is wearing one of these cute headbands! It’s always been on my bucket list to do this since it’s kind of a little tradition if you go to one of the many theme parks out here. They have all types of headbands ranging from animals to even food!

There’s gift shops all throughout the park where you can get them from (most rides will even force you into one since it’s the only way out!) We got ours from the very first gift shop on your left a few steps after the entrance by Olive Young.

Must do #3: A picture with the infamous Giant Magic Tree!


There’s no way you’ll miss this tree since its conveniently placed in the middle of the road. It’s considered one of Everland’s signatures so be sure to snap a picture with it!

Must-do #4: Get on the Sky Cruise

Just like any other amusement parks, I recommend starting from the opposite side of the park by riding the cable car (if available) and slowly making your way back towards the exit. The Sky Cruise station is just a few feet away from the Magic Tree and will drop you off by the Four Seasons Garden and T Express.

Must-do #5: Ride the T Express

Considered to be the world’s fourth steepest and third longest roller coaster, it’s an absolute must to experience the T Express! I highly suggest making this ride your first ride of the day since the waiting queue can be a little long (about 60~70 minutes) its nothing too bad though and the wait is definitely worth it! 100/100 would get on it again. It’s one of my favorite rides so far here in Korea.

Must-do #6: A picture with the EVERLAND sign! 

img_4047Located right next to the T Express is the Four Seasons Garden where you can take pictures with the flowers and the Everland sign. You can take the Sky Cruise just a few feet away from the Magic Tree (#3 from the Guide Map)

Must-do #7: Visit the animals at Zoo Topia!

If you’re in need of a relaxing break away from the rides, you can head to Zoo Topia and meet all types of different animals! I highly recommend starting with Lost Valley since they close a little earlier than the rest of the rides. Unfortunately we missed it.

Must-do #8: Catch the light parade (Starts at 8:30PM)

A great way to end your day is to catch the parade which starts at around 8:30PM. Though I highly suggest not waiting till the very end since it can get a little tough to go through the crowd when everyone is trying to get home at the same time. Once the parade starts, the roads will be blocked so I recommend watching it from the other end of the park (by the Four Seasons Garden #165 on the guide map) and start making your way back to the parking lot the moment they pass through and open the roads back up.


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