The Coolest Cafes in Hongdae

South Korea is very famous for theming EVERYTHING. From themed villages, themed stores to themed cafes. If you’re looking for things to do, I highly suggest cafe-hopping in Hongdae/Mapo-gu area since its where a majority of the coolest cafes in Korea is located at.

I put together a list of the coolest cafes you MUST visit during your time here in Korea.



Directions: From Seoul Station, take the subway to Hongik University Line 2 exit 9. The cafe will be on the right.


Right when you walk into this cafe, the very first thing that welcomes you is the smell of  flowers. You walk into the 2nd floor to order a drink or a dessert then you can head upstairs while you wait. The 2nd floor is the most popular and crowded I’m guessing because it’s pink (lol) We stayed on the 3rd floor since it was pretty empty.

Got our drinks!


The infamous pink vending machine!

Directions: Mangwon Station Line 6 exit 2. Just keep walking straight for about 5-7 minutes and you will see the vending machine on the right.

This cute little cafe is probably one of the most famous cafes on Instagram. We decided to try out the Mermaid ice cream for about $10 I believe. Sounds pricey but trust me, you get A LOT of ice cream. I couldn’t even finish mine and I’m the type of person who can finish a whole tub of ice cream alone.

So cute!

I will definitely be coming back to try out the cupcakes next.


Hawaii-themed cafe.

This cafe is more of a restaurant since they serve full meals and not just desserts. Unfortunately we weren’t able to try out their food since we were pretty full by the time we got here.

This place can be a little hard to find since it’s pretty hidden. I highly suggest using Waze or Never Map.

If you’re planning on going cafe hopping, I highly suggest starting with an empty stomach (lol) and definitely don’t have 2 servings of ramen before checking out the cafes like we did.

If you literally just walk around Hongdae, you’ll see lots of cool cafes lined up that are worth visiting (and Instagram-worthy!)

I still have a lot more cafes to add to this list as soon as I check them out ♥️

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