A Visit Underground: Gwangmyeong Cave Theme Park

This mining cave that was turned into an underground theme park located in Gwangmyeong might just be where you need to be if you’re looking to go somewhere unique and different here in Korea. This cave is particularly popular this season because the temperature underground can go at around 13°C so I highly recommend bringing a light jacket.

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Gwangmyeong Cave


Location: Click here to navigate with WAZE

Admission Fees: Visit website. We paid 12,000 KRW for 2 adults.

Parking: There are paid parking spaces available.

You’ve reached the destination once you see this.

If you’re coming from Pyeongtaek like us, the drive to the cave is a little over an hour. I would bring a vehicle instead of taking public transit since it can get a little tricky (though not impossible) and this is more of a family-friendly attraction so taking the train and bus with younger kids can be a bit challenging.

Cave entrance

Before you reach the cave entrance, there’s going to be a food court area with food trucks  and small cafes if you decide to grab a quick bite. I personally would grab some food after checking out the cave because food and drinks aren’t allowed inside. As for strollers, I believe you also can’t bring them since there are stairs inside.

A little area where you can cool off in the water after visiting the cave. 

There’s also going to be workers guiding you where to go next so you don’t miss out on anything and get lost. The very first attraction you’ll be led to is the laser/projection show. Then there’s Aqua World next where you get to see different types of fishes and more.

Entrance of the Golden Road.
Write your wish here on the Wishing Wall! You can buy the plates for 3,000-5,000 KRW each.
Golden Waterfall
Be sure to touch the gold! They are believed to bring you good fortune.
WARNING: Lots of stairs!

I recommend wearing comfortable shoes since there’s multiple series of walking up and down the stairs. Though I personally didn’t feel it since it was cold inside and I was too busy admiring the view.

Haunted Cave attraction called Zombie Castle.

If you’re into haunted houses, then this is for you. To get inside though you have to pay an additional 3,000 KRW. You’ll be able to see snippets of what’s inside HERE. I was too scared to go inside so I made the husband go by himself. In his opinion it wasn’t scary at all (though I don’t think he’ll admit to being scared ever) and there’s also a slide at the exit which I kind of wished was outside so I can get on it (lol)

How cool would this dragon be if it was moving?!
Entrance to the wine cave.

One of the main highlights to this cave is the Wine Cave! It’s also the last attraction that will lead you to the wine restaurant. You can also taste samples here and buy some wine as souvenirs.

img_5858We definitely plan on going inside the wine restaurant next time since we didn’t have enough time on the day we went. I believe the cave is open until 1800 so I recommend getting here a little early. We spent about 2-3 hours here but expect to spend more.

Overall, there are still a lot more attractions inside that I didn’t get to cover here so I highly suggest seeing it for yourself! It’s a really cool and unique experience and I would’ve regretted not seeing it during our stay here in Korea.

Need more ideas for your next trip? 

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