[Sponsored By Trazy] Visiting Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea

Probably the very first thing you see when you reach Seoul is this gigantic building. I know I’m in Seoul the moment this skyscraper makes it appearance. If you’re new to South Korea and may not be aware of it yet, this building is none other than the Lotte Tower. The tallest building in the country.

I’ve been meaning to come and check the inside of this tower out for a while now since I’ve really only seen the outside of it but thanks to Trazy, I finally got to it.

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Lotte Tower is definitely one of the many things you should experience during your time here in Korea. There’s a mall and an indoor amusement park (Lotte World Adventure) all located next to each other so it can easily be a full day trip without needing to take more public transit. Personally though, I like to reserve 1 full day for amusement parks so our visit to these 3 places will most likely be split into 2 separate days. The mall alone can take a good majority of your day!


Admission Fee: At the window, Seoul Sky Tower ticket prices are about 27,000KRW but with Trazy, they are available for 24,200KRW! Feel free to click on the button above to check them out.

If you didn’t know yet, Trazy.com is a travel website where you can book discounted tickets for places, activities and tours for foreign nationals like us. If you’ve read my past posts, you would probably know by now that I love me some Trazy. Before planning my trips, I check their website first to see if they have tickets available online. It just saves us so much time and money than getting the tickets in person. Less waiting in lines and more time to explore!

Directions: When taking the subway, get off at Jamsil Station Line 2 exit 1 or 2. If you’re driving, Click here to navigate with WAZE

Parking: Click here to navigate with WAZE (Parking Lot Entrance). Paid parking spaces are available underground. You pay on your way back to the parking basement either through the vending machine-looking thing or by the window right before you drive out the exit. The machine only takes cards and you’re also going to need your license plate number! I would take a picture in case you don’t know it by heart like us (lol)

The entrance to the tower is inside the mall so if you are bringing your car, you can simply just follow the parking directions for the mall. There’s also workers standing by to guide you to where the available spaces are at. It can get tricky finding the closest parking underground to the tower entrance so I would just go along with wherever there’s space at. Either way, you can always just walk inside the mall and follow the arrows pointing to the tower entrance.

366e9c4a-383a-4c4c-ac0c-3dcec95acff2-1The day we visited the tower was not one of the best ones since it was a little foggy and it sprinkled a little too. If you plan on going, I highly suggest checking the weather before booking tickets on Trazy. There’s also cafes and a restaurant at the top of the tower if you decide to grab lunch or dinner there.

img_5813From up here, you’ll be able to see the 360 view of Seoul (the weather did not do my pictures any justice) and just imagining how pretty it would be at night, We definitely plan on coming back. Maybe just in time to watch the sunset too! This can easily be a nice date night idea with your loved ones.

You can see Lotte World Adventure from up here!

Once you get off the elevator at the top, the observation deck is just straight ahead! Keep in mind that you can still go even higher to the top floor if you go up the series of stairs & escalators. I also recommend visiting the little balcony area which I think was pretty cool and one of the highlights of our visit.

Observation deck

Visiting the tower isn’t a whole day thing so I highly suggest planning other things to do as well. The mall connected to it has plenty of options. It’s HUGE and its very easy to wander and get lost a little but not to worry because there’s maps around the area. There’s Lotte Mart, department stores and a more upscale side carrying designer brands. There’s even an aquarium and cinema!


Overall, I think Lotte Tower should be in everyone’s list of places to go to when they visit Korea. Visiting it once is more than enough though depending on what you choose to do up there so I highly suggest giving it a go! I would personally go back for the night view though and maybe plan a nice dinner with the hubs in the future.

Save 11% on Lotte Tower Tickets Through Trazy Hereimg_2880

Need more ideas for your next trip?

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