[Sponsored By Trazy] Cooling Off at Lotte World Adventure

Another must-visit in South Korea is Lotte World. Its also perfect for all ages since its basically Korea’s Disneyland. It’s an indoor and outdoor amusement park located in Seoul and is one of the Lotte Mall, Tower & Theme Park trio. This place has been on my to-go list for the longest and after multiple failed attempts at trying to plan a trip here, I finally was able to make it happen with help from Trazy.com

Trazy is one of my go-to websites and it’s been a part of all my trips so far here in Korea. It’s helped me save time and money and I just like the convenience of having everything I need on my phone.

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Lotte World

Lotte World- The JIAMODA

Directions: By train: There is an entrance connected to Jamsil Station (Line 2,8 exit 4) By car: Click HERE to navigate with WAZE

Admission: Tickets for 1 adult is 54,000 KRW at the booth. With Trazy, it’s 31,500 KRW which saves you 22,500 KRW AND you get to skip the long lines.

I highly recommend buying your tickets online since the lines at the booths can get crazy long.


Parking: There is parking available underground and I believe it’s free if you show them your admission tickets before you exit. Click here for WAZE directions to underground parking 

A little Korean theme park tradition: Wearing cute headbands!

If you’re planning on coming here, I recommend getting here as early as you can (park opens at 9:30) and ride the most popular ones first since the lines for them can get REALLY crowded later during the day. We made the mistake of getting in at 1PM and boy were those lines longer than my patience.

TIP: Ride / get in line for the French Revolution first! This is probably the most popular ride here so the lines can get really crazy. I’m talking 2-3+ hours of waiting.

Most popular rides: 

  • French Revolution
  • Atlantis
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Adventures of Sindbad
  • Flume Ride
  • Pharaoh’s Fury
Our first ride: Adventures of Sindbad!
Also note that there are going to be rides that are closed due to inspection / safety checks and stuff. Due to maintenance checks making the available rides limited, you can only imagine how the queues are for the open rides are gonna be like.
One way to find out which rides are open and which ones are under maintenance is through the Lotte World Adventure app. The link is below.
TIP: Download the Lotte World Adventure app on your phone! Click HERE
Rest your legs and relax by watching performances at the Garden Stage.

Hours and info about the events and shows are also available on the app.

Stepping outside to Magic Island!

The majority of the high thrill rides are located outside at Magic Island. This also means that the majority of the long queues are also here. Waiting in line is a perfect way to try out the snacks though! Maybe have a friend come get snacks while you wait in line.

TIP: If you can, try & get Magic Pass Premium. You can choose to add this option on Trazy as well & it will honestly save you time & your sanity.


There actually is a Panda Express inside! Not as good as back home though.
There are lots of food options available inside and they’re not absurdly overpriced so I wouldn’t worry about bringing in food.
Tip: Try Gong Cha! One of the most popular bubble tea chains is Gong Cha & I highly recommend grabbing a drink while you wait in line. Trust me, you’d have more than enough time to finish a whole meal while waiting.


Overall, I actually LOVED this place. I’ve been holding off on coming here but I’m glad we finally made it. Having been to Everland and E-World and although they’re all fun, not all of them have dark rides and sometimes a good ol’ dark ride is a nice step away from the crazy roller coasters. If you’re looking for things to do this summer, definitely add Lotte World to your list and you won’t regret it. We will definitely be coming back another time and maybe try to knock out all the popular high thrill rides then.

Save & book your tickets through Trazy

Need more ideas for your next trip? 

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